The Volga Legal law firm is in the Top-50 of the regional companies by revenue at Pravo.Ru-300 (national law firm rating, 2012). The firm have been mentioned also as a perspective company in the areas of Energy and Natural Resources; Antitrust Law.


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01 November 2013

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, took part in the V International Bar Association Mergers and Acquisitions in Russia and CIS Conference (31st of October 31, 2013, Moscow) by the IBAs Corporate and M&A Law Committee supported by the IBA European Regional Forum.

Now in its 5th year, world leading experts in law and economics discussed the latest emerging developments and trends in Russian and CIS M&A market as well as commented on prospects. The event was supported by Moscow City Bar Association, Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation and Russian Corporate Counsel Association (RCCA).

Among the delegates of the Conference were renowned M&A experts, to wit, partners of international law firms, public officials, directors of legal departments. 

In the course of the sessions speakers managed to discuss peculiar state of the M&A market in Russia and CIS, addressed the main trends in investments and legal developments that had impact on M&A processes and stimulated deal flow, as well as analysed the Russian-style M&A.

26 October 2013

Managing partner Andrey Sychev and Alexander Solodovnikov, administrative lawyer of the firm, took part in the V Annual Conference Antitrust Regulation in Russia      (25th of October, 2013, Moscow) organized by Vedomosti (the Russian business daily newspaper, supported by the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS).

The Conference addressed issues of the FAS activities to ensure the effective functioning of commodity markets, the prevention, control and suppression of monopolistic activity and unfair competition.

The members of the Conference also discussed the plans of improvements to the antimonopoly legislation and the practice of application of its provisions for protection and development of competition in Russia. Certain sessions were dedicated to the discussion of the matters of development of the competition in various economy branches as well as antitrust regulation issues, intellectual property protection and antitrust policy of the consumers rights protection.

06 October 2013

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, spoke at the VII Southern Russia Legal Forum (3-5th of October, 2013, Gelendzhik). His speech was about the role of corporate control for the other branches of law. The event was arranged by Advocates Bureau Yug through business daily Vedomosti as the title media sponsor and international law firm "Dentons".

In recent years the Forum has become the source for experience sharing between colleagues, development of occupational contact database and top issue discussions about business and government interaction.

The Forum was attended by representatives from international and Russian law and attorney's  firms, CEOs of companies, which operate professionally in the south of Russia,  business marketing specialists, providing consulting services, heads of legal services from real economy companies and representatives of local and regional authorities.

26-29 June 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, has attended the 8th CIS Local Counsel Forum (26-28 June 2013 in Kiev and 28-29 June 2013 in Odessa).

The Forum is the main platform in the CIS economic region for wide-scale gathering of the leading business lawyers. From the first forum in Kiev in June 2006, the CIS Local Counsel Forum has evolved into an informal network of managing and senior partners of national law firms from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan, bringing them together with partners from international law firms from around the world.

31 May 2013

Our lawyers took part in the Fourth Volga Region Tax Forum Tax Disputes: Theory and Practice (30th of May, 2013, Kazan). The Forum focused on the current issues of the law enforcement practice, problems in justification of tax benefits, the tax aspects of transfer pricing and the most common types of tax disputes in 2012, 2013.

31 May 2013

On 31st of May 2013 Andrey Sychev, managing partner of the Volga Legal law firm, spoke at the White Nights Legal Forum (Arkhangelsk). The forum brought together more than 170 leaders of the professional legal community of Russia, representatives of international law firms, heads of legal departments of the companies involved in investment projects running in northwest Russia, representatives of all branches of the Russian Federation government, a governor and an administration of the Arkhangelsk region.

The Forum was dedicated to the main subject The law as an instrument of progress in the Russian regions and its two-days working program was opened by a plenary session and the address of Mr. Dmitry Medvedev the Russian Prime Minister.
The Forum also covered the issues of modern criminal advocacy, professional standards for attorneys and collaboration between the specialists in the projects on movement of capital.

30 May 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, has attended the session of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, Legal and Judicial Affairs and Civil Society Development of the Council of Federation (upper Chamber of the Russian Parliament) on the 30th of May, 2013. The session focused on the national policy and the role of the legal profession in guaranteeing a constitutional right to counsel.

The session resulted in a resolution which incorporated the suggestions of the session participants. In particular it was decided to consider a resumption of the work on the draft law about professional legal services in Russia, and to take an active part in preparing legislative initiatives on protection of public interests within the national program Justice.

19 May 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, took part in the III St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (15 18th of May, 2013). The plenary session was devoted to competition and cooperation between legal systems and was followed by 56 discussion sessions on a wide range of issues of law, business, politics and culture.

A number of international treaties and cooperation programs were signed during the Legal Forum. The questions under discussion included the labor law issues, professional responsibility of doctors and medical staff, amendments to the civil legislation, mediation issues, challenges in the development of the past commercial court rulings.

The Forum program also included a number of round tables which covered a wide range of issues, such as cultural heritage, sports law, protection of foreign investments, international taxation, nuclear law and resources, defense of rights of the domestic producers under restrictions of WTO.

13 May 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, attended the hearings in the State Duma of Russian Federation (lower Chamber of Russian Parliament) on main directions of the tax policy of the Russian Federation (13th of May, 2013, Moscow). During the proceedings a number of issues were discussed, like the tax system predictability and consistency for the business community, investment activity stimulation, improvement of tax administration and others.

19-20 April 2013

Alexander Solodovnikov, administrative lawyer of the firm, attended the 10th International Conference Tax law in decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation (19-20th of April, 2013, Moscow).

The conference focused on the theoretical and practical issues of tax law in the decisions of the Russian Constitutional Court in the period 1993-2012, as well as on the perspectives of the tax law development in future.

9 April 2013

Our lawyers took part in the seminar Deoffshorization 2013. From the risk options to the new solutions, conducted by Consulco International Group (9th of April, 2013, Moscow). The seminar was dedicated to the offshore control in Europe and its influence on the effectiveness of advice provided by consultants as well as to the offshore control in Russia, to the situation in Cyprus and its future as the European center for financial services.

3-4 April 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, and Alexander Solodovnikov - administrative lawyer of the firm - took part in the 9th Annual Russia Legal Forum (3 4th of April, 2013, Moscow) organized by Vedomosti (The Financial Times Group). The forum focused on the initiatives to amend the Civil Code in a view of corporate legislation. Other topics included legal support for financial sphere and issues of the antitrust and tax legislation. Judicial reform and what needs to be done to improve enforcement of court rulings were also at the focus of attention.

15-18 Jan 2013

Managing partner, Andrey Sychev, took part in the seminars of the leading Swiss law companies (15-18th of January, Zurich). The seminars were dedicated to the current issues of the private capital management and business relocation.



10 Dec 2012

Andrey Sychev has attended the Second International Law Congress Dialogues on the Future, conducted by RAPSI (Russian Legal Information Agency) on the 10th of December, 2012.

29-30 Nov 2012

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, and Elena Norkina, a senior lawyer in civil and corporate law practice, took part in the 6th Annual Law Firm Management Conference (29-30th of November, 2012)

13-14 Nov 2012

Volga Legal law firm took part in the work of the regional research-to-practice conference: Mediation: First Experience and Development Prospects (13-14th of November, Samara).

Elena Norkina, a senior lawyer in civil and corporate law practice, spoke at the Banking Forum (Samara), organized by Kommersant (nationally distributed daily newspaper, mostly devoted to politics and business) with a report The Ways to Minimize Risks While Choosing the Credit Arrangements and Security Transactions.

3-4 Oct 2012

Volga Legal law firm took part in the Forum of Corporate Lawyers 100 Steps Forward: Business and the State (3-4th of October, 2012, Moscow). The forum was organized by RAPSI (Russian Legal Information Agency).

Our lawyers took part in the educational seminar New Requirements on the Information Disclosure For the Joint-Stock Companies

6-7 June 2012

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, got acquainted with experience of colleagues from CIS while attending the 7th CIS Local Counsel Forum (6-7th of June, 2012).

1-3 Oct 2012

The Volga Legal law firm took part in the 3rd White Nights Legal Forum in Saint Petersburg (1-3 June, 2012). Our lawyers attended parallel sessions and discussed The Third Legal Forum of the Volga Region with the other guests.

17-19 May 2012

The Volga Legal law firm took part in the Third St. Petersburg International Legal Forum (17-19th, of May, 2012).

14 Dec 2012

Pravo.RU, the complex integrated directory of the law firms operating in the Russian market, together with Vedomosti, the Russian business daily newspaper, published the annual survey of the Russian and international law companies. The Volga Legal law firm is in the Top-50 of the regional companies by revenue (28th place).

Pravo.RU also mentioned Volga Legal as a perspective company in the areas of Antitrust Law and Energy and Natural Resources.

For further information, please, visit Pravo.RU website.

27-29 Sept 2012

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, took part in The Legal Forum of Southern Russia and the Opening of the New Legal Year (27-29 September, 2012, Sochi).

4 Sept 2012

Andrey Sychev got acquainted with the experience of our British colleagues in developing new practices, while attending the event of "Business and Law" series of seminars conducted by Allen & Overy law firm in its London office. "Your invention? My creation! Intellectual property - a new 'bet the company' battleground" was the topic of the meeting dedicated to the intellectual property and IT as future practices of law firm. See report here...

2-8 Sept 2012

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, took part in a workshop on the law firm management in London, Great Britain (2-8th of September, 2012)

04 May 2012

Andrey Sychev, managing partner, took part in a workshop for the law firm partners Business development: One Step Ahead (27th of April 04th of May, 2012, New York).



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