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Consulting and representation of interests in the court of the international company (among three major companies in Russia on the market of food industry) on the precedent-related matter in the field of technical regulation and metrology. More...


Dispute resolution and litigation


Legal support for investment projects


Corporate law


Administrative and other risks of running business


Dispute resolution and litigation


Representing our clients we go through all steps of dispute resolution from pre-trial dispute resolution and mediation up to litigation.

More than half of our projects are connected with dispute resolution in different law and business areas. It is defined by our initial specialization in dispute resolution and/ additionally, by our location: the Eleventh Commercial Court of Appeal is located in our home city Samara. This court is a court of appeal for commercial courts of a number of Russian regions, in particular Samara, Penza, Ulyanovsk regions and Tatarstan Republic.

The mere location of our home city in the center of the Volga Region allows us also effectively interact with other cities with following court instances: the Twelfth Commercial Court of Appeal, the Federal Commercial Court of the Volga Circuit and some other courts.

We have a longstanding experience of representing our clients in Russian courts of all levels, including the Supreme Commercial Court, the Supreme Court, the Federal Commercial Court of the Volga Circuit (court of cassation for Samara, Ulyanovsk, Penza, Tatarstan, Saratov, Volgograd, Astrakhan regions), the Federal Commercial Court of the Ural Circuit, the Federal Commercial Court of the Moscow Circuit, The Federal Commercial Court of North-West Circuit, the 11th Court of Appeal (court of appeal for Samara, Ulyanovsk, Penza and Tatarstan regions), the 12th Court of Appeal, the 9th Court of Appeal, the 18th Court of Appeal, commercial courts of Samara, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Orenburg, Penza, Moscow city and Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and others.


We deal with the following types of dispute:

  • Corporate disputes

  • Insurance disputes

  • Commercial disputes

  • Land disputes and real estate disputes

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy (representation of creditors and debtors)

  • Bank disputes

  • Administrative disputes

  • Labor disputes

  • Tax disputes

  • Media disputes

  • Competition / Antitrust disputes

  • Customs disputes

  • Intellectual property disputes.

Our services:

  • legal evaluation of documents, development of legal position, collection of body of evidence, drafting claims;

  • representing clients in commercial courts, general courts, in arbitration;

  • representing clients in disputes with state and local authorities;

  • legal analysis of court decisions, drafting appeals;

  • reimbursement of legal expenses and other court charges;

  • control of enforcement of court decisions, representing clients in execution proceedings.



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